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Category Archives: LEGO Train Sets

LEGO Trains 7499 Flexible and Straight Tracks


LEGO Trains 7499 – Flexible and Straight TracksGet killer curves in your tracks!Add flexible train tracks to your locomotive system to connect and move around obstacles and awkward shapes! Extend your rails to make your engines go places they never

LEGO Trains 7895 Switching Tracks


LEGO Trains 7895 – Switching TracksChange train direction!Add switching tracks to your train track layout and change direction with the flip of a lever! Set includes 4 curved rails, 1 left side switching track and 1 right side switching track

LEGO Trains 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train


LEGO Trains 60051 – High-Speed Passenger TrainGet around LEGO City fast in the High-speed Passenger Train!Travel around the city in no time with the motorized LEGO City High-speed Passenger Train! Operate the 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control to power around

LEGO Trains 60050 Train Station


LEGO Trains 60050 – Train StationBrowse the shops while you wait at the busy LEGO City Train Station!Take a taxi to the busy LEGO City Train Station, a place that never sleeps! On arrival, go up the stairs and through